Derrick Glow

The Art Guy

Describe Glowland Game Studios, LLC in three simple words.
   We are geeks.

What game do you wish Glowland Game Studios, LLC made?
   Oh… what game made the most money? Half-Life 2?

If you were a superhero, what would your name be?
   Negatron: The destroyer of positive vibes. Wait hero? Er… Sarcastaman!

What book, movie or game was influential in driving your creative passion?
   I could literally go on about my influences from these 3 areas for hours on end, but I’ll stick to a few instead.

  • Books – Sword of Truth series, Wheel of Time series, Dominions of Irth series, Harry Potter series.
  • Movie – Equilibrium, Chocolate (Thai Martial Arts), Fifth Element, Castle in the Sky
  • Games – Early — Guardian Legend, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger
  • Games – Teen — Legend of Mana, Final Fantasy 8, TES: Morrowind, Lost Kingdoms
  • Games – College — FFXI, WoW, TES: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Guitar Hero/Rock Band
  • Games – Current — League of Legends, Warframe, TES: Skyrim, Civilization 5

The most influential of all games on me growing up was Chrono Trigger, though. That game made my mind reel over and over. It was SO good. It was so deep. It hit on every aspect of fantasy I wanted to deal with as a kid. There was deep character development, beautiful graphics, interesting locations, multiple ways to play or complete the game, CHARACTER COMBO ATTACKS! Gah, I could go on for quite some time with how awesome this game was and how it influenced my art and creative writing for two decades after it was released.

If you could create any type of game, what would it be?
    Man, my dream game is a hybrid card / fighting game. I want your deck to determine what you can do and what your stats are like. Have a single player mode with RPG elements and I’d be a happy gamer.